Stock Market Investing For Beginners: 25 Golden Investing Lessons + Proven Strategies





  • I appreciated the book. Great refresher for those with more experience. Great starter book for those simply starting to consider contributing. Likewise a decent book for any individual who has not yet started to consider retirement sparing. – Jaques Martins

  • Wonderful insight on getting an individual investor started and for investors who steer away from important fundamentals needed to be successful in the stock market. Very well written. Whether you are a novice investor or professional money manager, you can definitely learn something from this book. I would recommend this book. -Kayla Simmons
  • I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to jump into the stock market for the first time. It will provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to limit your losses and maximize your gains. – Dylan James

  • A great book for beginners and experienced investors. A ton of value and useful information! – Jayden Rose

  • Perfect layout for beginners, quality content and right on point! – Kathleen Jackson

About the Author

Being financially free through intelligent investments at the age of 26 is not a common achievement among the majority. After an entire year of working 16 hours a day for someone else and barely being able to have any time over to enjoy life Mark Atwood realized that that was not the life, he wanted to live. One day he just had enough. Life is meant to be enjoyed and working to make someone else’s dream come true was not the reason he wanted to get out bed for! This is Mark Atwood, your new teacher. He is going to be the one teaching you everything you need to know about business, investing and finances. Why choose him? Well, it all depends on if you want to spend your time on someone who is only interested in emptying your pockets or have someone like Mark Atwood whos main priority is to help you achieve your goals! His expertise is accumulated through reading over a thousand books, real-life experience through trial and error, high-level coaches etc. The knowledge that he has acquired throughout these years is invaluable. Now that he has achieved his goals, he is here to provide the best guidance for you to achieve your goals as well! ”Being able to spend my time on what is important to me is something I am grateful for every single day! I still look back at my life back when I was working like a slave and barely had anything to show for. I can not imagine what my life would look like if I had not made the decision to change my life.”


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